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"Lou Ann was spot on!"

I have had the pleasure of working with Lou Ann on several occasions. My first experience with her was for an Intuitive Angel Card Reading. The cards were accurate and she gave me valuable insight in my professional life with regards to some very serious business decisions. I recommend Lou Ann for anyone seeking angelic guidance. 

Antonia - Medford, NJ

"Lou Ann helped my dog with reiki."

As I was away for work for a few months Lou Ann was taking care of Zoe, my sweet Maltese fur baby.

When I returned from work I picked up Zoe to take home. I was happy to see her as she was me. I soon after  took a trip by plane to see my parents , Zoe came along also. My mother had noticed a difference in Zoe and said to me she seemed to be calmer to her. I said she was with Lou Ann while I was away working. She had been doing Reiki on her.

Karen - Orlando, FL

"After reiki with Lou Ann, he was able to fully relax."

Lou Ann is not only great with people she is also great with our four legged friends. 

I have two almost 8 years old Boston Terriers, one of which we say has "fomo" ( fear of missing out.)

After Reiki with Lou Ann he is able to fully relax... It's great for him.


Amy - Delran, NJ

"Lou Ann Graves truly wants to help the people she touches to enjoy a healthy life!"

I feel it important to note that although I am frequently asked to write letters of recommendation, I rarely do so. The reason is that, when I do recommend someone for something, it carries with it the proper amount of weight and authenticity.


So, with this in mind, I am providing my recommendation as to the abilities, and services I have received from Lou Anne Graves, as a personal trainer and health coach.


Lou Anne came to my home regularly to help me to develop my coordination and strength. I have a rare autoimmune disease that grossly affected my muscle, nerves, balance and much more. The decline in my health had severely impeded my ability to enjoy my family and life, so I reached out for help.


We began the process slowly, with stretching and balancing exercises. She added nutritional education and made the appropriate recommendations, also recommending I show my doctor the plan. Lou Ann worked on a shopping list with me,  and then showed me the right way to eat and juice. A book list soon followed complete with online education. I was beginning to thrive!


As I successfully continued to work towards the goals we set, and made new ones, I suffered a severe ankle injury while away from home. The extreme bruising and prognosis were not good. We continued to work with a modified plan upon my return home, and followed up with a regular treatment that left my orthopedic team amazed! At the end of each session, Lou Anne wrapped my ankle with a mixture of essential oils and warm cloths. Within the first two treatments, the bruising began to disappear. The surgeon and his team could not believe it, and asked what I was doing, then told me to have her continue, because it was working! I was up and walking in less than half the time they predicted, with verifiable soft tissue healing.


Lou Anne is also gentle, compassionate, and understood that I was not as young as I once was. She was keenly aware of  just how far I should go, when to stop, and when to push my limitations. She was successful. On my own, I was not. So, from my experience, I fully trust her abilities and have found her to be knowledgeable,  authentic, compassionate and dependable. With a world where so many are self-serving,  Lou Ann Graves truly wants to help the people she touches to enjoy a healthy life!


Michele - 

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