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About Lou Ann
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To begin with, thanks for visiting my website. It's no mistake that you were drawn here for a reason. Maybe you are looking to experience some healing in your life. 

I was always a very sensitive child. For as far back as I can remember I could always sense other people's feelings. I always knew that I was different, knowing that I could feel the emotions and often times the physical pain of others. It was my spiritual journey as a adult which led me to the realization that in fact, I am an empath and intuitive healer and knowing my sensitivity is my strength.

As a seeker in life, always having a passion for spirituality and healing,  I was drawn to the healing arts, whether it was in beauty, health, nutrition, bodywork or meditation. I was and still am a student of healing the mind, body and spirit.

Throughout the year's I have used my knowledge and abilities to help  heal and inspire others on their journey.

• A Course in Miracles
• The Way of Mastery
• Christ Consciousness

• Archangels

I hope to be able to do the same for you.


Lou Ann Graves

Holistic Practitioner

Reiki Therapist

Energy Therapist

Intuitive Empath

Angel Card Reader

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