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Reiki Treatment & Angel card reading Combo session $ 99


Reiki is universal life force energy. This treatment will be very relaxing and stress reducing. Your chakras will naturally be balanced during your treatment. This will be performed in a gentle touch way. It is very relaxing and healing. 

During the session you may have angels and guides show up and give healing messages.

After your Reiki session I  will proceed to do an angel card reading. I will have several decks to choose from depending on what your needs may be. This is also very healing and insightful. 

My intention is for you to receive clarity , guidance and healing during your session.

Free consultations are available by appointment. Group classes are available. Contact me for more information at

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Intuitive Guidance

Our angels are always here to help guide us through life's many journey's. All we have to do is ask...

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Reiki Treatments

Balance your chakras, relax, release and get grounded.

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Reiki Treatment
Release Body Movement Therapy

Maintain optimal wellness, while working to overcome physical limitations with ease.

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Stretch and Release Treatment

Release stress and reduce pain with gentle stretch and release  

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Nutritional Guidance

Using guidelines provided by world renowned Medical Medium Anthony William as our guide, learn to eat well and stay healthy.

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Healthy Lunch
Ear Candling

Ear Candling is a safe and non invasive method of removing wax from the ear canal. 

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Add-On Services



Essential Oils



Blueberries on the vine
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